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Nokia still leads in the hearts of most pinoys

The Nokia Lumia 710

Nokia is still at the top of the mobile phone race owned by most Filipinos according to a recent survey. For the Metro Manila coverage, 500 face-to-face interviews were conducted among respondents with ages ranging from 16 to 60 years old across all economic classes.  Among the questions asked was the brand of handset owned by Filipinos in Metro Manila, or what brand of mobile phone reflects the urban Filipino. 64% of those respondents told that they currently owned a Nokia device while the next brand got 12% only. But compared to 2010 study, Nokia had a decline of ownership from 70% in 2010 to 64% of 2012. More after the break

Mr. Dharmesh Goshalia is happy about the recent survey
Dharmesh Goshalia, General Manager of Nokia Philippines said that “These results from the Mobile Life Study of TNS only show that the Philippines is still a Nokia country”. And according to the General Manager of Nokia Philippines, 2012 will be another exciting year for Nokia because there will be MORE QWERTY and Dual sim devices that will be coming to our country and the Nokia Lumia devices will be coming very soon here in the Philippines.

Lumia 800, one of the Nokia with Windows Phones to ”watch out for,” says Goshalia. 
Oh and stay tune to JAM Online to see the review of the Nokia N9

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