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Cherry Mobile Pad Turbo Specs and Price in the Philippines

Yes, it is cheaper than the CM Superion

Just in time for this holiday seasons. Cherry Mobile just revealed their newest tablet, Cherry Mobile Pad Turbo. This is the successor of the Cherry Mobile Superion which is equip with 600 mhz processor and a 7″ screen. I’m not surprise that they didn’t use a Qualcomm or a Tegra 2 chip just like the Cherry Mobile Magnum 2X because just like the CM Superion, they used a different chip on the original Magnum. I believe that they use a different chip on this one to make it more affordable to everybody. I’m quite disappointed because they just use Android 2.3 and not Android 3.0 inside and it has 800 x 600 resolution. Too bad, they didn’t upgrade the resolution of the 7″ display.

I think this is the Rockchip processor that is running the tablet.
Not bad.

Cherry Mobile Turbo Pad Specifications

Android 2.3 Gingerbread
1.2 GHZ processor
4GB Internal Storage and 512 RAM
MicroSD up to 32GB
2MP Camera and VGA Front Cam
Cherry Mobile Turbo Pad Price in the Philippines

Promo SRP: P6,899
Original Price: P9,899

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