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ASUS outs exclusive bundle deals for TUF Dash F15 gaming laptops

ASUS Philippines announced its exclusive bundle deals for the new TUF Dash F15 models, allowing gamers to get TUF Gaming H3 headsets for a complete gaming experience.

In case you missed it, the TUF Dash F15 is a super-slim gaming laptop that packs up to 11th Gen Intel Core CPU and NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs.

Meanwhile, those who will score the participating TUF Dash F15 models will also get exclusive bundled items from ASUS, including TUF Gaming Backpack, and a TUF H3 Bluetooth Headset, or a TUF H3 wired headset.

Here are the participating TUF Dash F15 variants for the promo:

  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PR-HN040T
    SRP: Php94,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PR-HN092T
    SRP: Php94,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PR-HN078T
    SRP: Php85,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PR-HN080T
    SRP: Php85,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PM-AZ099T
    SRP: Php79,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PM-HN096T
    SRP: Php74,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PM-AZ160T
    SRP: Php69,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PC-HN021T
    SRP: Php64,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PM-HN147T
    SRP: Php59,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PM-HN097T
    SRP: Php59,995
  • TUF Dash 15 FX516PC-HN029T
    SRP: Php54,995

This exclusive, limited-edition offer is available at authorized ASUS and ROG concept stores. Find a concept store near you at this link.

Meanwhile, you can learn more details about the TUF Dash F15 here.

Ciara Alarcon
Ciara Alarcon
With a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism degree, Ciara started her career in tech, covering local & international events, reviewing the latest gadgets, writing tech lifestyle updates, and more.


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