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Apple might be working on a touchscreen Macbook Pro

Apple has long been against the idea of bringing touchscreens to the Mac lineup, but it seems that the company may be changing its tune. According to a report from Mark Gurman, the famous Appple analyst, Apple is actively working on touchscreen Macs and could potentially release a new MacBook Pro with touchscreen support as soon as 2025.

Previously, Steve Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, has been long against touchscreen on macs as they’re not ergonomic for the Apple notebooks and desktops but macOS Ventura and features like Stage Manager make the macOS more touch-screen friendly.

According to the report, Apple is now testing a MacBook Pro with touchscreen capabilities. The company is considering releasing this as soon as 2025, but there are ongoing discussions within the company that could impact that timeline. If Apple decides to move forward with launching touchscreen Macs, it is possible that the technology could eventually expand to other models in the lineup as well.

It is worth noting that despite Apple’s apparent work on touchscreen Macs, the company is still “not actively working to combine the iPad and Mac operating systems.”

Source: Bloomberg

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