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Ragnarok Online M: Eternal Love Pre-Registration

One of the biggest games on mobile right now is Ragnarok Online M however, it isn’t available globally but it will be arriving in Southeast Asia soon and you can actually pre-register now if you want to play this game soon.

The more registrations on the Southeast Asian version of Ragnarok Online M: Eternal Love. The pre-registration has already reached 100,000 in where the players  will receive x50 white potion, x50 blue potion, & x50 fly wing. Well, if there will be more pre-registrations, the game you can get the following items from the following total registrations.

300K registrations

1x Novice Ring

5x Mystery Chest

600K registrations

1x Novice’s Love Card

30x Big Cat Voucher II

1M registrations

1x Limited Headwear

If you want to pre-register, head over to their website at

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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