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Grand Theft Auto 6 leak shows off gameplay and dev footage

Oh boy. This is big in the gaming world as footages of the Grand Theft Auto VI, Rockstar Games’ next entry to the open world franchise, has leaked. And this isn’t just a single video because there’s a full 90 videos of developer footage of what will be Grand Theft Auto VI.


The massive leak of the GTA VI was obtained by “teapotuberhacker” they just say that they’ll leak more data soon including GTA V and GTA VI source codes.

The leaked videos posted on different platforms shows off the female protagonist Lucia including robbing a restaurant with a partner and also taking hostages. The area looks like it is set in Miami or in Vice City, a fictional city based on the former

The footages clearly shows that this one is still in development as the graphics and textures clearly shows that it isn’t yet final and it’s still in development but it’s really nice that we’re seeing a lot of smarter and better interactions on the game.

Take-Two has started on filing down takedown requests of most GTA VI footages on the internet right now.

Source: The Verge

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