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Why you should choose the iPhone 15 Pro Max over any other iPhones

There are many reasons to get the brand new iPhone 15 smartphone as it packs a lot of new features especially with its USB-C port that consumers having been asking for years but if you’re getting one for this generation then better get the iPhone 15 Pro Max because THAT is the best iPhone out there and no, it’s not just because of the large display.

iPhone Pro Philippines

What’s new on the iPhone 15 Pro Series?

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First, what are the new and unique features on the iPhone 15 Pro Series? Well, the new iPhone 15 Pro series packs a titanium frame, a 3nm A17 Pro chipset, and of course a better camera. Another cool new feature is that they replaced the slider into an action button that you can now customized. 

But of course, the question remains. Why should I get the iPhone 15 Pro Max and not the iPhone 15 Pro or the cheaper iPhone 15 series?

Better camera

iPhone Pro Philippines

This generation, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will pack a better camera than the iPhone 15 Pro as the Pro Max variant will now have a 5x Telephoto lens. This means that you can have a 120mm zoom lens on the smartphone that you can use for shooting from long range especially for concerts. 

256GB Starting memory

Unlike any other iPhones, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will now start with a 256GB storage. Even the iPhone 15 Pro will start at 128GB and for 2023’s standards, this one might not be enough anymore as games and apps are getting bigger and bigger and of course, there’s ProRes recording as well which will take up a lot of storage on the iPhone. Oh and did I say that console games are coming to iPhone 15 Pro series?

Console-quality games needs a larger display and battery

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One of the things that Apple has announced at the iPhone 15 event is that console games are coming to iPhone 15 Pro thanks to the power of the A17 Pro chip. Next year, we can expect Assassins Creed: Mirage, Death Stranding, Resident Evil 4 Remake and Resident Evil: Village to arrive on the iPhone 15 Series.

And no, those aren’t the mobile version of the games as we’re getting here the console level quality thanks to the A17 Pro chip inside. So why is it best for the iPhone 15 Pro Max? Simple. It’s best played on a larger display and also on a bigger battery

USB-C with faster speeds

Apple iPhone Pro lineup USB C connector cable big jpg medium
Apple iPhone Pro lineup USB C connector cable big jpg medium

The faster speeds specifically 10GB/s transfer speeds on the USB-C port of the iPhone 15 Pro is something that you would really appreciate especially if you always transfer photos and videos to your laptop or mac. But here’s the thing, you can now record videos and save it directly on the external SSD that is connected to the iPhone. 

And again, recording videos are better on the larger display and also the better camera of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Same starting price

Despite the improvements that are exclusive on the iPhone 15 Pro Series and also the better camera and larger starting memory, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will still have an almost the same starting price at Php84,990. Compared last year, we only have a Php1,000 pesos increase. But again, there’s the bigger storage, a telephoto camera, and a lot of whole new features. 

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