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Who is Jeremy Lin?

There is this asian guy who just brought New York Knicks to a 3 straight win in NBA. And if you’re not down with that, how about this — Jeremy Lin is the first player to score 89 points in his first three career starts since the NBA and the ABA merged last 1976–77. He became a sensation in just three games because of that. And today, they just won against the Timberwolves and the LINsation scored 20 points.  Quite surprising for an Asian who came from Harvard to have a skills in basketball like this. FYI He is a taiwanese who grew up in the United States and studied at Harvard. 

As of this posting, he has different memes such as Linsation, Linsanity, The jeremy lin show, the yellow mamba and a lot of more. So what do you think? Can he lead New York to the playoffs? Will he steal the spotlight from Carmelo Anthony?. Time will tell folks. Time will tell….

Here’s a video of the LINsanity!

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