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PLDT Launches Whole Home WiFi Plan 3499

Having a fast internet at home is essential to everyone especially if you always stream videos, download games on Steam, and if you work at home and you need a fast connection. Like me, a content creator, I really need a fast internet so I can easily upload my videos and of course, for downloading and researching the things that I need for my content.

But did you know that even if you subscribe to a fast internet connection at Home, there will still be times in where you cannot achieve the speed that you want with your current subscription or sometimes there are dead WiFi spots in your home.

Thankfully, PLDT is now offering a new service that lets you maximize your internet at home. How? Well, they now have the Whole Home Wi-Fi with Home Geek Squad services available to subscribers. The Whole Home WiFi Plan from PLDT Home will come with a 50MBps Fibr connection with the free installation of the Whole Home Technology by the Home Geek Squad – a group of “technical architects” by PLDT Home. They can assess the problems and dead spots at your home and provide a recommendation for the best router placements.

The PLDT Whole Home Wi-Fi with Home Geek Squad Services is now available at Plan 3499. Existing PLDT Home subscribers who are interested can also apply for this solution by upgrading your plan to Whole Home WiFi Plan 3499.

To know more about this solution, just visit

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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