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Playstation Vita Philippine Hands-on

The Sony Playstation Vita

Last week I was able to get a short hands-on of the next portable gaming device of Sony, the Sony Playstation Vita. It wasn’t called as PSP2 or Playstation Portable 2. It was simply named as PS Vita or Playstation Vita. Well, IMO I like the name PS vita rather than the PSP2. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with what’s inside the Playstation Vita we have a tech specs sheet in here. When it was announced by Sony last year, it had exceed my expectations. I didn’t expect that the Sony Playstation Vita would have a 4 cores that time. I didn’t expect that it will also have a touchpad at the back and a larger screen.

I just borrowed the Sony Playstation Vita from a blockmate and I want to share with you some of features that I tried in the Playstation Vita. He is currently selling it for P18,500 along with some original accessories and a game. Anyway, the first thing that I noticed about the Playstation Vita is that the device is bigger than its predecessor. It has a 5 inch OLED multi-touch screen with 960 x 544 resolution which is quite small for me. It should’ve a 720p resolution. 960×544 is not enough for PS Vita, it needs a higher PPI.

Playstation Vita Lock screen

The Playstation Vita also included another analog. Yes, our prayers has finally been answered by Sony. Other than that, Sony added a glossy touchpad and a multitouch screen which we can also use for games. I’ve use multitouch screen most of the time rather than the buttons. It is much easier to navigate using the screen. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try the touchpad because the game that he have is Uncharted Golden Abyss. Another thing that I don’t like with the Playstation Vita is that the screen is too glossy. The sunlight legibility isn’t great too. I also noticed that the buttons got smaller in the Vita and they aren’t that much springier or soft compared to the predecessor. The new analogs are waaay better than the analog on the PSP. The should L and R buttons are still there, nothing change at all. But the volume button, power button, flash card slot at the top. The Playstation button, select and start button can be clearly seen at the front of the device

 The Playstation Vita also has 2 camera. Both of them performs below average. Well, that’s normal for a gaming device. They don’t need a good camera for a portable gaming device unless they’ll add a Kinect inside. Inside the device are some cool apps that you might enjoy like Near, Party, Group messaging, browser, photos, remote play, PS store, Playstation trophies and more. I wasn’t surprised that they added the Playstation trophy in the Vita. Xbox has their Xbox live on their phones already. Oh I almost forgot, they added a lock screen for the Playstation Vita.

Playstation Vita’s back

I haven’t tried much of the features of the device since I just got a short hands-on of it. But all in all, I think the device is great. It is just too big and the resolution should’ve been higher. The graphics?, well it is already near the Playstation 3. The gaming experience? better than the 3DS and the mobile phones we have right now. Playstation Vita is truly a portable gaming device. Who says that portable gaming device are dead? it isn’t. Hopefully, we can see more games that will be coming on the Playstation Vita. There are only a few games available on the Playstation Vita right now. I can’t say much more about the Playstation Vita since I just played it for just a very short period of time.

Check out our video hands-on here:

If you want to know more about the specifications of the device. Check out our previous post

Disclosure: This Playstation Vita was lent to me by my blockmate. His name is Mark Gadell Santos. 

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