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Nokia X7 + Games

It has been a week since the guys at WOMWorld brought me a review unit of the Nokia X7. The first thing that came to my mind when I received the package was what are the apps (especially games) that I can install in it. After unboxing the Nokia X7 I immediately download some apps and games that I saw in the OVI Store.

Who says Nokia X7 can’t play?
Ovi store offers a vast array of applications and games for the Symbian phones. Well, It isn’t big as the Apple Appstore or the Android Market but they have some pretty cool games in store for us like the addicting Angry Birds

There are 2 games pre-installed on the Nokia X7 those are Galaxy on Fire and Asphalt 5.  There are a lot of paid and free games that you can download on the OVI store but if you’re in the Philippines, You can’t download paid apps, I think it is not supported yet. But you can download paid apps on the Internet. You can find a lot of cool games out there.
The Pros and Cons
I love to play on the Nokia X7, Why? Because of the 4”AMOLED CBD. So you might ask me what does the AMOLED CBD do. AMOLED display is way better and has more vivid colors than the Super Clear LCD that you can see on the Galaxy SL. CBD means Clearblack display. The black seems to be blacker on the CBD display. Another thing that I like about this thing is the crisp and loud speaker.
If there are pros, there are cons too. I like the body of the Nokia X7 but they should’ve made edges on the side, it is very difficult to hold the phone using only one hand. Symbian OS is another thing that I didn’t like about it. Why? Symbian is way too far than the iOS and Android. Symbian always crash when you open a lot of apps and sometimes, slowdowns.

Anyway, Symbian still offers a lot of cool games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Asphalt and many more. If you’re a RPG fanboy, you might consider Dungeon Hunters, MMORPGs 2 or Eternal Legacy for Symbian^3. But beware; Slowdowns and crashes are frequent on the Nokia X7.

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