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Cherry Mobile Flash Review



Looking for a decent Cherry Mobile smartphone with a decent power and some cool feature including a fingerprint sensor? Then you might want to take a look at the Cherry Mobile Flash. It’s a decent Android smartphone from Cherry Mobile and it is perfect for those who are on the budget.


A comfortable and simple design


The Cherry Mobile Flash got a simple but a nice design. It’s not thick but it’s not really that thin but it’s very comfortable to use. At the back, you can see a textured design along with the logo of Cherry Mobile and flash. You can also find the fingerprint scanner, speaker grill, and the camera with LED flash at the back.


The 5.5-inch display is just perfect for me and the curves? The smartphone just feels comfortable to hold and I really didn’t have any problems using the phone even at one hand. Below the display is the 3 capacitive buttons and one of them is a red circle which also serves as the home button. Design-wise, it really annoys me that it doesn’t use the home icon which is accustomed for most android smartphones. Also, the capacitive buttons don’t illuminate which may suck to some people.


Inside the Cherry Mobile Flash is a 2800mAh battery and for some, you might think that the battery isn’t enough for the smartphone’s hardware but I was actually surprised that this smartphone could last more than half a day of use. For casual users, the Cherry Mobile Flash could actually last up to a day of use even without the need of powerbank or a charger.


There might be a lot of positive things that I can say with the Cherry Mobile Flash but its biggest con is its speaker. The speaker isn’t loud and probably, you won’t even hear the notifications when you are using this smartphone.


Display is good


Everytime I review a smartphone, I always consider its hardware to its price and one of the things that I really look into is the display of the smartphone. The Cherry Mobile Flash got a 5.5-inch Full HD IPS display and for its price, it’s quite good. There’s a good viewing angle for the display and the color reproduction of the display is really good.


Just the right performance


This is a P5,999 smartphone and yet we are still satisfied on how this one performs. Look, this isn’t the best or the fastest smartphone that you can get in the market but I’m pretty sure that casual users and most mobile gamers who are on the budget will still find the 1.3GHz Octa-Core MediaTek MT6753 processor of the Cherry Mobile Flash still fine.


However, there’s only a 2GB of RAM so RAM-intensive applications and games would probably run slower than you expect but don’t worry, 2GB of RAM is still more than enough for most users especially if you’re just the type of guy who is just into browsing the internet and also playing casual games.


At the back is the fingerprint sensor and I can say that this isn’t the best or the fastest fingerprint sensor that you can find out there but again, for its price, I wouldn’t really complain about it and again, the fingerprint sensor was really functional and it is still fine to use.



Camera is not its best feat, but it’s still well


Again, I was surprised that the Cherry Mobile Flash would still have a camera like this. I mean, there are a lot of better cameras on a smartphone but at its price range, the Cherry Mobile Flash’ camera performs pretty well. Although, I noticed that the smartphone’s camera produces warmer shots and some are a little bit overexposed.




Overall, I was not expecting the Cherry Mobile Flash would perform like this. I mean, yeah, the white paper specs is good for its price but not the best one but its experience and its performance was just beyond my expectations. There are only a few things that you might not like about it including the speaker but in my overall usage, the Cherry Mobile Flash is a just great smartphone for its price range.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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