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Blogapalooza: This is where Bloggers and Businesses are connected

Blogapalooza!. Yeah, you can find my URL somewhere

2 weeks ago I went to Fully booked at Bonifacio high street to attend the first-ever Blogapalooza. Blogapalooza is an event where bloggers get to meet the businesses and of course, the other way around. There were 50 presenters that are included in Blogapalooza. I arrived at fully booked at around 11:30am so I ate at Krispy kreme before going to fully booked.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to finish the event because I need to finish something at around 4 PM. And I was suppose to get back to the Fort but because of the heavy traffic at Taft Ave. I arrived fully booked at 730 PM.

Anyway, Fully booked was really fully booked. 150 bloggers were invited during that time but the seats were not enough. Some bloggers just stood up just to watch the presenters show their brands in a traditional way — using illustration boards and pictures. Some use powerpoint but most of them just spoke and just show their products.

One of my favorite brand that presented during Blogapalooza is Tripologie. They showcased their different line of bags. And you know what?, I won a bagpack from them. Oh by the way, it costs Php14,500 FYI. They got a branch at Eastwood mall and at Alabang. I don’t know the exact locations but you can find it somewhere there.

I’m the 2nd guy from the left. Hurray! an orange bagpack from Tripologie
Picture from Pusang Kalye
Blogapalooza was so fun, I met a lot of bloggers and brands. Here are some interesting pictures from Blogapalooza


The Polecats Manila!

Tripologie showinf off their bags
Do you think size matters?

Nah, I don’t think so
Avira Anti-virus

Lazer Xtreme with the MI Theme

Another thing that I liked about Blogapalooza is the handful loot bag. Almost P10,000 worth of items and GCs were given to us in the loot bag. I want to thank Vince Golangco of When In Manila for this event. You said that you guys are not organizers but you guys did an awesome job. 10x Thumbs up for you guys. Oh BTW, thanks to the 50 sponsors of that event. Thanks for the loot bag guys!. You can find the 50 sponsors here:

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