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Apple rolls out iOS 17 Beta 2

Apple has recently released the second beta version of iOS 17, available for developers and beta testers. Building upon the initial Beta 1 release, iOS 17 Beta 2 brings forth several notable changes and enhancements.

Here are the following changes and enhancements you can expect:

Redesigned Update Screen and Enhanced Features

One of the noticeable changes in iOS 17 Beta 2 is the redesigned update screen, offering users more comprehensive information about the beta software. This provides developers and testers with a clearer understanding of the updates and improvements being implemented.

Tap to AirDrop and MicroLocation Enhancements

Among the significant additions to iOS 17 Beta 2 is the introduction of the “tap to AirDrop” feature. This functionality enables users to initiate file transfers simply by touching their devices together, streamlining the sharing process.

The Location Settings page within the System Settings menu now includes a new MicroLocation option. When enabled, this feature enhances location data accuracy for apps and location sharing, providing users with more detailed and precise location information.

Message Check-In and StandBy Mode Enhancements

iOS 17 Beta 2 introduces the Message Check-In feature to the Messages app. Users can now automatically send full or limited location data to their contacts when they reach a specific destination. This convenient addition enhances location-based communication and sharing within the Messages platform.

In StandBy mode, users now have the option to disable all notifications while still receiving critical notifications. This feature provides a more focused and uninterrupted experience for users who desire temporary relief from non-essential alerts.

Apple Music Enhancements

The Apple Music app receives notable improvements in this Beta version. Users can now adjust the crossfade length between songs, ranging from 1 to 12 seconds, using a new toggle control. This customization option enhances the transition between tracks and tailors the music playback experience to individual preferences. Additionally, the Apple Music widget introduces new size options, offering users more flexibility in organizing their home screen layout.

Source: Apple

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