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Cherry Fit Review

One of the first Cherry Mobile devices that was unveiled in CeBit in Germany is the Cherry Fit. Unlike other Cherry Mobile devices that we’ve seen before, this one is different because this is a fitness tracker and it also acts as a Bluetooth earphone. Cool right? Check out our review below.


“>Cherry Fit 5

Cherry Fit 2

The Cherry Fit is a simple fitness tracker with a look that well, looks like a fitness tracker. It has a leather band with a solid body and yes, the Cherry fit can be removed from the band to make the device a Bluetooth earphone which is really great especially when you want to answer calls when you’re on a commute or while driving.

Cherry Fit 4

It also packs a small touchscreen display and no, this one isn’t colored but it works well for a fitness device. The screen is responsive and I could see the display even at outside.

Cherry Fit 3

Like what I’ve said, the Cherry Fit could double as a Bluetooth earpiece by just removing the watch from the band. However, I had a hard time placing the Cherry fit in my ear as the earbuds are too soft. The Cherry Fit might be small but can last up to 3 days of use which isn’t bad in my use.

Cherry Fit 6

The Cherry fit might not be a smartwatch but you can change its watch face depending on your preference. Actually, it comes with a lot of watch face and it can display different things that you want such as the weather, data, and of course the time.

Cherry Fit 9

Cherry Fit 8

The Cherry fit is a nifty device, it can record your steps and actually it’s accurate and I have the similar steps record on my Android wear watch. You could also see the calories burned and also start a run and record it on the Cherry Fit. Not only that, you can also use the Cherry Fit to find your phone in case you can’t find your smartphone. But of course, you need the Cherry Fit to be connected to the smartphone.

Cherry Fit 10

Cherry Fit will not work well without its app. There’s a downloadable app on the Play Store for the Cherry Fit and you could make it work flawlessly by logging in your Google account. With the app, you can change different settings of the watch and also see your stats. It will also show you your monthly and daily stats.


Again, you could adjust the settings of the app via the app. You could activate the flip wrist to wake the screen and also add alarms and adjust the brightness of the Cherry Fit and in case there’s a new update to the Cherry fit, you can update the Cherry Fit in there.



Cherry Fit 11

The Cherry Fit  isn’t a smartwatch but it does its job as a fitness device and as a Bluetooth earpiece. Actually, I’ve been using the Cherry Fit as my Bluetooth earpiece so I can easily hear if there’s a Pokemon nearby. However, I wish that there are other tracking options and activities that Cherry Fit can do. I hope that they can do that in their second-generation Cherry Fit. The Cherry Fit is perfect for those people who are looking for a device that can record their steps, calories burned and also act as a Bluetooth earpiece for calls.


The Cherry Fit is now available for P3,499

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