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Macbook Air with 10th Gen Intel CPU starts at Php57,990

For those people who want to have a Macbook but can’t afford one because of the price, well, here’s great news for all of you as the Macbook Air is now starting at Php57,990 which is way more affordable than the previous starting price of the Macbook Air. But not just that, we’re also having bigger storage on this one and also a brand new Magic Keyboard. But of course, there’s a compromise in order to make the Macbook Air cheaper.

Unlike the previous generation, the Macbook Air now comes with a 10th generation Intel processor and here’s good news for all of you: the Macbook Air now starts at 256GB. The magic keyboard which was used by the Macbook Pro is now also available on the Macbook Air. So what’s the compromise here? well, instead of using an Intel Core i5 processor, the Macbook Air now starts with a 10th Generation Intel Core i3.

Curious about the prices of the new Macbook Air? Check em’out below.

No word regarding local availability of the Macbook Air.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
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