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Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon Review

Nokia X7 presents Transformers 3: Dark of the moon
A few days ago, I reviewed the Music-minded Nokia X7 and before I reviewed the Nokia X7 that night, Nokia Philippines gave us a ticket (for free!, thank you Nokia Philippines and Fuentes Manila!) and a free food. So we have to choose one, whether we want Wendy’s or Mrs. Fields. And I choose Mrs. Fields, awesome sandwich they got there. Anway back to the review (Warning: Spoilers)
Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon in 3D Review
First of all, I want to say to you guys that I’m not a great movie reviewer hehe. I’m a huge fan of the Transformers movie series, I watched the first Transformers many times (and I still forgot their names). Anyway, a lot of people said that Transformers 2 was the worst movie in the series and I agree with that. IMO, Transformers 1 is still the best followed by Transformers 3 and then Transformers 2.

The first thing that I notice is that Megan Fox, The hottie chic from Transformers 1 & 2 is now gone. I was pretty disappointed when I heard this news a few months ago but when I watched Transformers 3, those disappointments were gone because Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was waaay hotter and cooler than Megan Fox.

Michael Bay never fails us when it comes to special effects. Transformers 3 is the first to feature 3D in the series. The effects were awesome and robot smashing-and-bashing fight scenes were one of the best I’ve seen so far especially in the Chicago fight scene of Optimus Prime. Nokia Phones also played a cameo role in the movie. 
Another thing that I love here is they showed how Chicago was flattened by the Decepticons. If you have been to Chicago, you’ll have the strange feeling for sure.The story of Transformers 3 is a bit dumb but you’ll enjoy those 3D goodness of it. The special effects and comedy are the things that I like in here. Former Agent Simmons (John Turturro) is still great when it comes to comedy. 
Transformers 3: Dark of the moon packs a great fighting and special effects but I didn’t like the story. Antway, I’ll suggest that you watch this movie, It is goooood 🙂 

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