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No more ‘Hey Siri’ command required, back-to-back requests introduced

Apple‘s virtual assistant Siri has undergone significant updates with the latest iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and HomePod Software 17 releases. Users can now interact with Siri more naturally, as the traditional “Hey Siri” command is no longer necessary to activate the assistant. Siri also supports back-to-back requests, allowing users to make multiple commands without needing to reactivate Siri each time.

New Command for Siri

With the introduction of iOS 17 and other Apple operating systems, the “Hey Siri” command has been replaced with a simpler approach. Users can now initiate a conversation with Siri by simply saying “Siri…” followed by their command. This change aligns Siri’s activation process with Amazon’s Echo devices, where users only need to say “Alexa…” to communicate with the assistant. Apple aims to make interacting with Siri feel more natural and streamlined.

Back-to-Back Requests

One of the significant enhancements to Siri is the introduction of back-to-back requests. Previously, users had to activate Siri separately for each command. However, with the latest update, users can issue multiple requests to Siri consecutively without repeating the wake command. For example, users can say, “Siri, text Emma I’m on my way,” followed by “Remind me to water the plants when I get home,” without needing to say “Siri” again.

Siri’s AI Capabilities

While these updates bring improved functionality to Siri, there are currently no indications of Apple incorporating generative AI-based responses similar to ChatGPT. Siri continues to operate based on its existing framework. However, rumors suggest that Apple is working on integrating generative AI technology into Siri, but it may take some time before this advancement is publicly available.

Availability and Release

The new Siri experience is part of the upcoming iOS 17, iPadOS 17, macOS Sonoma, and HomePod Software 17 releases. These software updates are available to developers as beta versions and are expected to be released to the general public in the fall. A public beta release might be available by July, allowing users to test the new features before the official launch.

Source: 9to5Mac

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