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JAM Online’s Tech Predictions for 2014

jam tech predictions

Yay! 2014! Yep, 2013 is about to end and we saw a lot of interesting technologies this year like the Google Glass. Some of the features like the 1080p display and Octa-core processor which can be found on some flagship smartphones were introduced this year. How about 2014? What are the things that we could see next year? Well, here are some of my predictions for 2014.

More wearable devices

Smartwatches are just the start. Actually, I’ve been using a smartwatch for over a year now – the Sony Liveview. The device is old and it needs a lot of improvement but this year, we’ve seen a lot of new wearable devices like Google Glass, Qualcomm Toq and the Samsung Galaxy Gear. This year? I expect that more affordable wearable devices would be appearing especially on CES this January 2014. Smartwatch might be a trend on 2014 but I’m hoping that more Google Glass-like devices would be appear.

More tablets from local brands

This year, Cherry Mobile announced the most affordable Quad-Core tablet – the Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt. The performance was somehow disappointing but their recent releases were quite good like the Cherry Mobile Odyssey. Starmobile tablets were pretty good too and they even release a tablet with a TV. I expect that more tablets would be coming from local brands on 2014.

Curve devices

We saw the LG G Flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round this year. Yep, those phones have curve displays. We might see this feature on their next flagship phones. We might also see the LG G Flex’s flexibility and its scratch resistant body to its next flagship.

2014 is really exciting especially this January because a lot of new devices and gadgets would be introduce at CES 2014 that will happen in Las Vegas. On February, I expect that more mobile devices would be launch at MWC 2014 in Barcelona.This 2014, I am really hoping for more innovation on technology. I hope that companies would focus on innovation rather than suing each other. But yeah, I’m really excited with wearable devices.

Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta
Jam Ancheta likes to create content about tech. But he also hates tech.


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